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Destiny Racing RX-10S / SR Tourer Complete Bearing Kits.
Multiple options are available on this listing, the drop down box above will give you all available options. This car has the following Bearings:

3x6x2.5mm Bearings X 2 (Belt Tensioner)

4x7x2.5mm Bearings X 4 (Swaybars)

4x8x3mm Bearings X 4 (Steering)

5x9x3mm Bearings X 2 (Transmission)

6x10x3mm Bearings X 8 (Wheels)

10x15x4mm Bearings X 4 (2 Solid Axle, 2 Diff)

What comes with each kit option?

Standard Kit – Complete Standard Rubber Sealed Bearing Kit

V2 Premium Kit – Complete V2 Premium Metal Shielded Bearing Kit

Ceramic Kit – Complete Ceramic Bearing Kit

Wheel Bearing Kit – 8 Wheel Bearings

V2 Premium Bearings vs Standard

Our Standard Bearings are ABEC 3 and designed specifically for RC Cars, they are better than the original factory bearings of most RC manufacturers. Our V2 Premiums are ABEC 7 which means they are more precise with closer tolerances, the individual components such as the balls are manufactured to a higher standard, the races are within .001mm. From our testing, we have found that the V2 Premiums remain smoother for longer, outlasting any standard bearing with less chance of a failure, they are made to the highest standard that our manufacturer can produce. The V2 Premium range of bearings is used by our racing team which consists of several current and past Australian Champions including Kyle McBride, Ryan Maker & Chris Sturdy, these guys rely on our product when traveling to compete internationally at the highest level.

Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic Bearings can run faster than all steel bearings due to the lower centrifugal force generated by the ceramic balls, ceramic balls are lighter and harder than steel, the speed increase for Ceramic Bearings is 30 – 40% with adequate lubrication. Ceramic Bearings are less subjected to ball skidding under initial acceleration / torque. This allows the bearing to last longer and be far more reliable. Low heat expansion allows the bearing retainers to last longer.

All bearings are available individually if you require more of a particular size.

Plaig Bearings are a stronger, more reliable bearing with greater heat resistance and superior life to the standard factory bearings. We stock all other sizes of bearings for RC Cars and also sell Complete Bearing Kits for many popular brands of vehicles. If you can’t find the correct bearing by size or part number please Contact Us.
Click here for Detailed Bearing Specifications

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