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Reel Services Australia Heavy Sticky Grease #2. Available in 30gm and 50gm containers.

Application – Suitable for Main/Pinion gears on medium/large spin & overhead, and game reels. Should not be used on other parts. The highly ‘sticky’ nature of this grease means only a moderate amount is required. This grease is perfect in overhead reels where moisture can be present. It is resistant to both fresh and salt water.

Excessive amounts of grease applied to parts may cause the reel to feel tight’. Avoid using excessive amounts of the RSA #1 & #2 greases. DO NOT place grease on the main shaft of spin reels as it will feel tight to wind. DO NOT apply grease to antireverse clutches, OIL ONLY. Make sure parts are solvent cleaned to ensure proper adhesion of the grease.

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50gm Container, 30gm Container


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