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Open RC Formula 1 Bearing / Screw / Tyre Kits to suit the 2018 Formula 1 3D Printed Car by Open RC. This has become a very popular 3D Printing Project in Schools. From this listing you can select Bearings, Screws & Tyres, or you can select the items individually. We include more screws/nuts than required (Students will lose some), here is the total contents of the kit:


8x12x3.5mm Rubber Sealed Bearings X 4

12x18x4mm Rubber Sealed Bearings X 2


M3 x 8mm Countersunk Screws X 35

M3 Nylock Nuts X 25

M3 x 8mm Buttonhead Screws X 5

M3 x 12mm Countersunk Screws X 5


Tamiya F104 Genuine Kit Tyres with Foam Inserts, Print your rims and glue the tyres on.

The Screws used are 2mm Allen Key, High Quality RC Screws. The bearings and screws are available individually if you require more of a particular size.

Plaig Bearings are a stronger, more reliable bearing with greater heat resistance and superior life to standard factory bearings. We stock all other sizes of bearings for RC Cars and also sell Complete Bearing Kits for many popular brands of vehicles. If you can’t find the correct bearing by size or part number please Contact Us.
Click here for Detailed Bearing Specifications

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