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Fishing Reel Bearing Kits to suit the Shimano Torsa 40. These Reels have 8 Ball Bearings and a One-Way Roller Clutch Bearing. We have this kit available in Stainless Steel or Ceramic. The One-Way Roller Clutch Bearings are Stainless Steel only. You can purchase the kits with or without the Roller Clutch Bearing. The drop down box above will give you all available options.

Please note that our Ceramic Fishing Reel Bearings are supplied without lubricant, this allows you to use the oil of your choice. We sell fishing reel bearing oil that is ideal for Ceramic Bearings HERE . We also sell a range of greases to suit fishing reels. Barrier Grease for Sealing of reel frames, apply to Orings, and to surfaces to prevent water contact and corrosion from occurring. Light sticky grease for Main/Pinion gears on finesse / light spinning reels, baitcasters, and jigging reels. Heavy Sticky Grease for Main/Pinion gears on medium/large spin & overhead, and game reels.

Our Ceramic fishing reel bearings can be left dry but we highly recommend oiling them prior to use, Ceramic balls are harder than steel and can tend to be noisier and feel rough compared to stainless steel bearings. Oiling the bearing will make it quieter and feel smoother.

Our Stainless Steel Fishing Reel Bearings are Pre-lubricated and ready to use.

Plaig Fishing Reel Ball Bearings are Manufactured to ABEC 7 Specifications and Constructed for Corrosion Resistance.
Our Stainless Steel Bearings use Stainless Steel Balls with Stainless Steel Retainer / Cage / Shields. All of our Stainless Steel Bearings come with Metal Shields.
Plaig CERAMIC Fishing Reel Ball Bearings use Si3N4 Ceramic Balls with Stainless Steel Retainer / Cage. Most of our Ceramic Bearings have Rubber Seals. (Please note that colour may vary).
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If you can’t find the correct bearing by size or part number please Contact Us.
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