Plaig Bearings Sponsorship Program

Please be aware that we will not be taking on any new drivers for 2022 / 2023.

The Plaig Bearings Sponsorship Program is a combination of Testing, Development and support for long term customers, particularly those who race regularly and have years of knowledge under their belt. The program in more detail:

To support the RC drivers who regularly use our product, trust it and spread the word to help promote our brand

Product testing – Our drivers, past and present have been incredibly valuable in testing products in many different categories of racing. Testing our bearings under extreme conditions such as:

RC Speed runs – Testing the limits of current technology, reaching speeds often over 200km/h, chasing down or holding onto current world records.

1/8 Nitro Off Road – Dirt and oil, high RPM Engines (45,000+rpm), landing large jumps on power, wheel bearings cop a pounding whether it’s a rough dusty track or a high grip clean track, bearings either get rattled to death or put under high cornering load. Last but not least clutch bell bearings, these little bearings are exposed to extreme RPM’s that are constantly stop/starting.

1/10 Electric Onroad – High RPM Motors, high cornering speeds & acceleration.

RC Drag Racing – Extremely high RPM motors, ceramic bearings are advantageous in this sport. The ultimate test in acceleration.

5th Scale Offroad – Dirt, oil, extremely large heavy cars racing off road with jumps and lots of bumper to bumper clashes.

1/10 Electric Off Road  – Exposure to dirt & dust, high powered high RPM motors, jumping and high speed cornering, Carpet tracks with high traction.

Nitro Onroad 1/10 & 1/8 – Extremely high RPM, Cornering speed, huge loads on all bearings including clutch bell bearings.

F1 in Schools is an international STEM competition involving over 17,000 schools in 44 countries. Students design, make & race their own miniature F1 cars which are capable of 0-80 km/h in around 1 second. There are 3 categories: Cadet, Development & Professional, we currently sponsor a Professional Team called Slipstream from Alamanda College in Point Cook, Victoria.

RC Sponsorship Levels

Plaig Bearings now has 3 sponsorship levels, these are A, B & C. Each driver is to adhere to the following guidelines regardless of their sponsorship level:

– Treat other racers with respect and conduct themselves in a courteous manner at all events.
– Assist beginners, If you see a new comer struggling, give them a hand, it could be the difference between them coming back and enjoying racing or never returning again.
– Adhere to all rules and regulations within their specific class.
– Participate in product testing & provide Plaig Bearings with valuable product feedback to further improve what we offer to our customers.

Each sponsorship level has different pricing & unique requirements as follows:

Level C Sponsorship

Requirements: Must already be a customer of Plaig Bearings and been using our product for over 6 months.
Pricing: Wholesale plus 10% Discount.

Level B Sponsorship

Requirements: Must have been a Level C Sponsored driver for a period of 12 months and adhered to all guidelines, race regularly.
Pricing: Wholesale plus 25% Discount.

Level A Sponsorship

Requirements: Must have been a Level B Sponsored driver for a period of 12 months and adhered to all guidelines, race regularly.
Pricing: Factory Sponsorship, all products supplied free of charge.

Plaig Bearings reserves the right to fast track a driver to Level A if it is in the best interests of our business.

CLICK HERE for our current RC Driver profiles.