Shimano Stradic Line Roller Bearing Replacement

Shimano Stradic Line Roller Bearing Replacement

This article applies to the following Shimano Stradic reels:


All of the above mentioned reels use part number RD13269 for the replacement bearing. The following instructions have been sent to us by one of our customers who initially had some issues removing the bearing from within the line roller, this article is to assist those who have had similar issues, please use it as a guide as there will be other methods to remove the white plastic collar, this shows how one customer replaced the bearing, most importantly it shows the parts unassembled. We sell bearings and not Shimano parts, please be aware that if you cannot replace the bearing it is not our fault as we can only supply this part, if you are not confident to attempt this then please do not purchase an individual bearing, you will need to buy the complete line roller from Shimano with bearing already assembled.

***Please try not to use excess force***
The white plastic collar acts as a spacer for the bearing within the brass collar, the outer diameter of the bearing is smaller than the brass inner diameter, therefore you need this very small spacer to hold the bearing firmly in place. The black collar then fits over the white collar after bearing is installed, this is quite simple but the problem is when attempting to remove the white collar it is easy to damage, the plastic is very thin and quite soft. If the collar is slightly damaged it will not effect the operation of the bearing, as long as it can be put back into place to hold the bearing, the other parts will fit and when screwed in place everything will operate as per normal.

First of all, soak the line roller in WD40 or similar to remove any salt or corrosion that could hinder the disassembly of components. Removal requires a tool similar to the socket shown above, firstly place both of the small bearing spacers onto the brass line roller inner piece as shown below

Place the line roller over the brass piece so the the inner ring of the bearing is touching the spacer, place the socket over the line roller and gently tap it with a small hammer, this will allow the plastic pieces to pop out along with the bearing. Our customer said it took 2 gentle taps for it to come apart, obviously this will vary depending on the age and condition of the reel.

Re-Assembling the line roller is very simple and the new bearing will slot into place with the plastic collar, you may need to use pliers to fit the bearing and plastic collars together. Again please note that these instructions were given to us by a customer, you may find a better way to press the collar out, the purpose of this article is to assist by displaying the components and how they are assembled, please try not to use excess force as that will destroy the collars.