2.5x6x2.6mm Bearing - Metal Shields - MR682Xzz

<h>2.5x6x2.6mm Bearing - Metal Shields - MR682Xzz
2.5x6x2.6mm Bearing with Metal Shields. (MR682Xzz)
Our Quantity Discounts are shown below, the Quantity is per order per category, therefore the discounts get larger the more you buy regardless of the size and type of the bearing.
Plaig Bearings are a stronger, more reliable bearing with greater heat resistance and superior life to the standard factory bearings. We stock all other sizes of bearings for RC Cars and also sell Complete Bearing Kits for many popular brands of vehicles. If you can't find the right size please contact us.
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Buying more products of the same category, Increases your savings. Take a look at the table below, see the quantities, the prices and your Savings!!
Quantity 1+  4+  10+  50+  100+ 
Price for each $2.49 $1.79 $1.69 $1.39 $1.14
Total $2.49 $9.96  
Your savings - $2.80 $8.00 $55.00 $135.00
Savings in % (Applies to other bearings too!) - 28% 32% 44% 54%

<h>2.5x6x2.6mm Bearing - Metal Shields - MR682Xzz

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