Mugen MBX8 Buggy Bearing Kits All Options

Mugen MBX8 Buggy Bearing Kits All Options
Mugen MBX8 Buggy Bearing Kits.
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Please be aware that the MBX8 has CVD Driveshafts standard with the option to use universal driveshafts which use a different wheel bearing to the CVD's, if you would like to add both options you can get 4 additional bearings HERE . This car has the following Bearings:

5x10x4mm V2 Premium Clutch Bearings X 2 More Info
6x10x3mm Bearings X 4 (Servo Saver)
6x13x5mm Bearings X 4 (Diff Pinions)
8x16x5mm Bearings X 10 (Wheels & Diffs)
15x21x4mm Bearings X 4 (Wheels)

What comes with each kit option?

Standard Kit - Complete Standard Bearing Kit (V2 Clutch Bearings)
V2 Premium Kit - Complete V2 Premium Bearing Kit
Pro Racers V2C Kit - Complete Bearing Kit with V2 Premium Wheel & Clutch Bearings, Ceramic Drivetrain Bearings
Clutch Bearing 10 Pack - V2 Premium Clutch Bearings (Pack of 10)
Wheel Bearing Kit - 8 Wheel Bearings

Our Quantity Discounts are shown below, the Quantity is per order per category, therefore the discounts get larger the more Kits that you buy, the saving is passed onto other kits if purchased at the same time.
Plaig Bearings are a stronger, more reliable bearing with greater heat resistance and superior life to the standard factory bearings. We stock all other sizes of bearings for RC Cars and also sell Complete Bearing Kits for many popular brands of vehicles. If you can't find the right size please contact us.
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Buy more, Save more, With Quantity Discounts that Combine and Grow
Buying more products of the same category, Increases your savings. Take a look at the table below, see the quantities, the prices and your Savings!!
Quantity 12+  4+  10+ 
Price for each $32.90 $30.90 $28.90 $26.90
Total $32.90 $65.80  
Your savings - $4.00 $16.00 $60.00
Savings in % (Applies to other bearings too!) - 6% 12% 18%

Mugen MBX8 Buggy Bearing Kits All Options

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