Jak Parsey (Sponsored)

What is your local club?
My local RC Club is RCORRSC, Valley Raceway, Sunshine Coast.

When did you start competing?

I started racing in 2015 with a 2wd SCT with my Dad at Valley Raceway
and later that year with 2wd buggy at Trackside RC in Brendale.
I had my first race of Nitro Buggy in 2018 at Logan at the QLD Interclub thanks to Matt Skinner, Mark and Aaron Stringer who lent me all the things we needed to have a go.

What Classes do you currently compete in and any others you have competed in the past?

My focus has been Nitro Buggy for the last 2 years, I really enjoy racing it.
I have raced 2wd SCT, 2wd and 4wd Stock Buggy and 2wd and 4wd Mod Buggy
I have also raced Touring Car and done some Drifting. We might even jump into EP8 in 2022.
My focus is still Nitro Buggy, I just love racing!

What cars do you currently run?

I am currently running the new Mayako MX8 Prototype Nitro Buggy. #maximumfun

What do you consider to be your greatest Achievement?

For me there have been lots of moments I have enjoyed, I loved going to the 1/10th Nationals in 2019, I had just turned 10 and was stoked to go. Compeating in my first hour main, but probably the biggest thing for me has been working on bridging the gap to Alex and Kyle. I feel really happy that I get to race with the fastest guys in Australia regularly. And maybe doing a Tripple Whip out of the Skatepark on my Scooter!

What do you hope to achieve in 2022?

I hope to be able to travel with my family and continue to bridge the gap and work on my consistency. Help build up my sponsors products locally and nationally. Most of all have fun racing!

Upcoming Events for 2022?

We are hoping to do the Pro-Line series opener in Canberra in Feb and also hope to make more of the rounds.
There will be some amazing races in QLD this year with East Coast Nats and the Australian 1/8th Nitro Buggy Nationals, also a fierce Interclub series.
Maybe some State titles also and if everything is safe to travel I would love to get to RCGP or PM22

How long have you been using Plaig Bearings?

TeamParsey have been using Plaig Bearings for years. Dad used them in all his race cars and now he is an “OldGuy” Mechanic we use them in all my cars. We use the Plaig V2 Pro Racer Kits, Plaig Ceramics and V2 Premium Clutch Bearings in all our Cars and Nitro Motors.
Why do you use Plaig Bearings?
We have had great success with Plaig Bearings over the years and when Trevor offered for us to join the Plaig Bearings Factory Team it was a no brainer. Plaig Bearings are great quality at a great price and support a local Australian business.