James Grant (Sponsored)

What is your local club?

Local club is GRCOR “Geelong Remote Control Off Roaders.

When did you start competing?

I started competing in 2016, with a few race meets during that year, due to work commitments, then 2 full seasons after that.

What classes do you currently compete in and any others you have competed in the past?

I started running 4wd short course, wanted a challenge so i purchased a losi 5b “buggy” to compete in the highest class for 5th scale club/state and National events.

What cars do you currently run?

I currently run a losi 5t short course truck, and a losi 5b buggy, both run Roostertail engines, with Olimat Engineering silenced exhaust pipes, they also have MIP/MOD shocks, diff kits, diff cup inserts, I use Proline tyres, Menace RC for my stock parts, JK racing design for my painted trick bodies, and Plaig Bearings, all the companies mentioned support me through out my racing career, for which I am very greatful for.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievements?

My greatest achievements so far in my racing career would have to be coming 6th at my 1st ever National event, and at the 2019 Victorian titles coming 2nd, and also taking out the GRCOR club championship 2017 and 2018. 2019 Nationals at SSME 5th place in short course and 5th place in 4wd effra. 2019 1st place Vic vs Sa cup

Upcoming events for 2021?

2021 National titles at QOLRS GROCOR vs LSCV cup SA vs VIC cup RCRA Victorian titles

How long have you been using Plaig Bearings?

As soon as I have been in 5th scale, 4 years in total.

Why do you use Plaig Bearings?

The reason I use Plaig Bearings is, the customer service is 2nd to none, quick postage, they have all the Bearings that I require, and they go the extra mile to help, the quality of the bearings all that the serious racers need.