Jason Samarcq (Sponsored)

What is your Local Club?

My local club is the southern districts model car club (SDMCC) in SA

When did you start competing?

I started competing in the middle of 2016 and had no previous experience whatsoever

What Classes do you currently compete in and any others you have competed in the past?

Currently competing in 1/8 nitro buggy.

What cars do you currently run?

I’m currently running a Mugen MBX8

What do you consider to be your greatest Achievement?

Winning the 2019 national sportsman final at the SDMCC national series round

What do you hope to achieve in 2022?

Continue to develop racing skills, good results at local level series Good results when racing interstate

Upcoming Events for 2022

Aus rcgp, neo state series, state titles and hopefully some interstate racing as well

How long have you been using Plaig Bearings?

I’ve been using plaig bearings since 2016 in all my cars

Why do you use Plaig Bearings?

Best bearings on the market, never had a failure. Recommended to anyone!