Marc Dunlap (Sponsored)

What is your Local Club?

Western Australian RC Rock Crawlers

When did you start competing?


What Classes do you currently compete in and any others you have competed in the past?

Currently Scale class 1 Scale class 2 Sportsman Pro/MOA Previously 1.9 IFS U4RC Australia I also attend trail events, get up to some bashing as well as product testing both speed and crawler parts.

What cars do you currently run?

Custom RC4WD Mfab GQ Patrol Vaterra Ascender x2 Custom SCX10 Custom XR10 Redcat Gen8 Traxxas TRX4 Vaterra TwinHammers Axial ExoTerra

What do you consider to be your greatest Achievement?

My children

In RC… its most definitely taking the Underdog build to a season or state title win, something I have done in each class.

What do you hope to achieve in 2019?

I only ever want to do my best, I’m always pushing myself to be better than I was last year.

Upcoming Events for 2019

A full 2019 Season and state titles in Western Australian RC Rock Crawlers Organised trail runs

How long have you been using Plaig Bearings?

I first started using Plaig Bearings in 2015

Why do you use Plaig Bearings?

I first grabbed some Plaig Bearings simply as spares for U4RC, it turned out that I was replacing several other brand bearings each round during servicing due to slop or spun/seized bearings, I’ve never had a Plaig Bearing failure even during product testing where I was intentionally trying to break them… that on its own is reason enough for me to continue to choose Plaig Bearings for all of my rigs…. I’ve even used a few in various fishing reels